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Sept. 28, 2022

When the Screaming Starts (2021)

Now available across North America and the UK, take a stab at 2021's British black comedy horror mockumentary, When the Screaming Starts

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Inspired by the modern day obsession with serial killers and true-crime documentaries, WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS turns this popular sub-genre on its head, whilst questioning the contemporary fascination with serial slaughter. This fresh, new mockumentary examines the dark subject matter through a comedic lens, resulting in a pitch-black horror-comedy that will have you "laughing and wincing in equal measure"

Directed by Conor Boru, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ed Hartland, who are both producers of this film alongside Jared Rogers and Dom Lenoir, Cinematographer Adrian Musto, Editor Alan Rae, Sound by Paul Caton, and Composer Michael Palmer. Starring Ed Hartland, Jared Rogers, Kaitlin Reynell, Octavia Gilmore, Yasen Atour, Kavé Niku, Ronja Haugholt, Vår Haugholt. Now back to the On Second Watch crew

Special thanks to Jared and the whole WTSS crew for letting us preview this film! Go check it out today 

And also go see my new favorite Death Metal band from this film, Cannibal Death March


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