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Very fun!

A very fun group of hosts, and you have to tune in for their segment “How Would Sean Bean Have Died?” If nothing else!!

A very fun podcast with a great group of hosts. It's a lot of fun to reflect on movies of the past and how we interpret them now. Also, the "How Would Sean Bean Have Died?" segments are some of the funniest things I've heard in a long time! Recommended!

I love this podcast!! So fun to listen to while I work! Fun, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Everything you want in a podcast..keep doing your thin man!!

Great idea for a show! Really enjoyed this one, good chemistry between the hosts, audio quality top notch. Big fan of On Second Watch!

Brilliantly fun with a sold concept. Check it out!

A Lot of Fun

These six friends—Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz—are ready to take a second look at some nostalgic movie favorites. They have a lot of fun with it. The way they structure the show is they discuss and rate the movie based on their memories and the nostalgic value. Then they watch the movie and reconvene to re-rate and share their impressions on how the movie holds up.

A good round table...

You’d think six hosts would get overwhelming but it doesn’t! More like a fantastic round table discussion of the most important topic… movies!

These six friends—Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz—are ready to take a second look at some nostalgic movie favorites. They have a lot of fun with it. The way they structure the show is they discuss and rate the movie based on their memories and the nostalgic value. Then they watch the movie and reconvene to re-rate and share their impressions on how the movie holds up.

I love how they work together most of the time. Gives me movies to watch that I might not have known about before.

Take a listen!

Always a fun listen! The ocnversation is insightful and hysterical. Hit play already & don't miss out! #ODPH

Always a fun listen! The conversation is insightful and hysterical. Take a trip back with this podcast & don't miss out! #ODPH

I love nostalgia. I love movies. These friends have managed to merge the two perfectly.

I love the premise of this podcast - it's so fun hearing everyone talk about movies they've rewatched. Their banter and laughter are infectious, and listening makes you feel like you're just sitting amongst friends and shooting the shit. If you love movies, I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen & subscribe.

Reading my mind

This show has everything you love about chatting with your friends regarding real opinions on films you've seen. I recently discovered this great group of people with raunchy comedy and casual review of all the things we love about films from our past.

I love OSW

These 4 are so much fun and I love their choice of movies! I love the idea of having an episode before and an episode after watch! Not to mention the games at so much fun! I love the mad libs and the over/unders! I highly recommend these guys -Shoot the Flick

Fun podcast

Really fun pod that covers some cool movies!

Great podcast. Hosts take a film. Do an episode of their memory of the film. Then after watching the movie they do an episode to see if it was as good as they remembered. Very enjoyable Podcast. The Paul and Griff Show.

5 Stars

I just started listening to this podcast, but I cant wait to listen to more episodes. I'm a sucker for movie nostalgia so I knew I was going to like it. There are 4-5 hosts but it never sounds crowded and the chemistry is great.

Novel Concept, Casual Atmosphere

An excellent listen for any folks interested in revisiting (or confronting) nostalgic films. The concept of the show is clever in a way that makes for entertaining conversations between a group of hosts who all have a wonderful rapport with one another. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a new conversational film review podcast.

5 stars

Started with the episode on Inception and was really impressed. The trivia and fun facts is really interesting and made me want to go back to watch the movie! The hosts have great chemistry, too. Looking forward to checking out more episodes!


This podcast looks back at “great” movies to see if they’re still great. They have a lot of fun doing it. There’s trivia, games, insight, and laughs. Really enjoyed it. Subscribed

So engaging

Love hearing the hosts look back at the oldies but goodies - brings back so many great memories. Can't wait to hear more!

Remember this movie?

Excellent podcast! Love all the laughter, jokes and the good natured ribbing among the hosts! I really enjoy hearing the tidbits & behind the scenes info they share about the current movie they’re watching. Really interesting!

Love the podcast!

Great listen. Highly recommend!

A fun look down memory lane

I was brought in by the matrix episode. I was intrigued by matrix part 2. And I was converted when I heard the inception episode. Feels like I am picking the movies since these are some of my all time favorites. Love it, keep em coming With my next pick

Hey these guys (and gal) are fun

They provide a safe space to explore movie critique without the snobbishness. They seem like they are hip with the youth and I think that’s a good thing. I’d give these people six stars if I could.


If you are looking a a podcast that loves movies as much as you do. Check out this pod out. The hosts are knowledgeable, they do their research, and they have great chemistry. It’s entertaining and fun. Subscribe now.

Clever concept

First thing I noticed was how The host very clearly states the rules to the over under game each episode which is great because it doesn’t assume you are a regular listener and takes the time to acclimate you unlike most other podcasts. Also the chemistry between the podcast fellows is very sincere. You can tell they have known each other for a long time. You will have fun because they are genuinely having fun. I recommend giving the Clueless episode a listen as a starter! You won’t regret it!

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane!

Nostalgia has never sounded so good! Tim, Chris, Dana, and Spaz have a super fun show where they review nostalgic movies from their past. First of all, their intro featuring the Honest Trailers announcer? AMAZING. I listened to the Inception episode, and I loved everything they had to say about it. The “Over and Under” segment is a super creative idea, and I love that they review the movie before and after viewing it! Also, their engagement with listeners is awesome as they even included soundbytes from their audience onto the show. All in all, instead of just simply reviewing a movie, On Second Watch does a great job of keeping you entertained in unique, creative ways not found it other movie review podcasts. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen! - Corbin (BB&C Podcast)

Great listen!

The commentary the podcast provides makes the movies I love even more fun to watch! So much fun!

Fun nostalgic movie podcast

I love listening to this podcast - not only is the discussion about the movies fun to listen to, but there’s always fun trivia that goes along with it!

great podcast and concept. review, rewatch & re-review. wish I thought of it.

Brings fresh perspectives to second viewings!

On Second Watch brings fun and insightful commentary to old and not so old movies! Take a ride with them every month as they explore a film, breath in its nostalgia, and exhale its influence on today. Don’t miss a single episode!

In Bay we trust!

A fun movie podcast that is stocked with all the nostalgic feels! I also enjoy the score format they have, brings nice structure to the discussion. Look forward to checking out more. Subscribe and listen now!

Looking for a great podcast? You just found it. Very entertaining and knowledgeable. Keeps you entertained throughout the episode. Great job!

I love this podcast! To be fair, I have been a movie-phile since shortly after birth. And they hit on two of my favorite movies. One being a film...the other being pure popcorn start to finish. I love the style of having people dissecting a movie (one of my favorite college and grad school memories involved coffee or alcohol after a good popcorn flick or a piece of cinema history) and I will definitely be subscribing and tuning in to hear more. Fantastic concept! Love to listen. - John

So much fun!

This is fun! Thanks for doing this! Great start. Love these flicks. Love the commentary. Do some weird flicks too! But I do love having the classics to start.

Totally objective rating, I swear