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June 30, 2022

The Core (2003) - "It's whales! It's whales!"

The Core (2003) -

There are disaster movies, and then there is a disaster of a disaster movie. 2003's American science fiction disaster film, The Core. Join us for some trivia, Plot Summary MadLibs, and our pitch for a remake that involves Michael Bay and The Rock

Written by Cooper Layne and John Rogers (first draft of Transformers and screenplay for Catwoman), directed by John Amiel. Starring Aaron Eckhart as Dr. Josh Keyes, Hilary Swank as Major Beck Childs, Delroy Lindo as Braz, Stanley Tucci as Dr. Zimsky, Tchéky Karyo as Dr. Leveque, DJ Qualls as Rat, Bruce Greenwood as Commander Bob and Alfre Woodard as Flight Commander Stickley 


With a budget of $85mil, it made $74mil in the box office. Currently an 5.5 on IMDb. 



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