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Great listen!

The commentary the podcast provides makes the movies I love even more fun to watch! So much fun!

Fun nostalgic movie podcast

I love listening to this podcast - not only is the discussion about the movies fun to listen to, but there’s always fun trivia that goes along with it!

great podcast and concept. review, rewatch & re-review. wish I thought of it.

Brings fresh perspectives to second viewings!

On Second Watch brings fun and insightful commentary to old and not so old movies! Take a ride with them every month as they explore a film, breath in its nostalgia, and exhale its influence on today. Don’t miss a single episode!

In Bay we trust!

A fun movie podcast that is stocked with all the nostalgic feels! I also enjoy the score format they have, brings nice structure to the discussion. Look forward to checking out more. Subscribe and listen now!

Looking for a great podcast? You just found it. Very entertaining and knowledgeable. Keeps you entertained throughout the episode. Great job!

I love this podcast! To be fair, I have been a movie-phile since shortly after birth. And they hit on two of my favorite movies. One being a film...the other being pure popcorn start to finish. I love the style of having people dissecting a movie (one of my favorite college and grad school memories involved coffee or alcohol after a good popcorn flick or a piece of cinema history) and I will definitely be subscribing and tuning in to hear more. Fantastic concept! Love to listen. - John

So much fun!

This is fun! Thanks for doing this! Great start. Love these flicks. Love the commentary. Do some weird flicks too! But I do love having the classics to start.

Totally objective rating, I swear