On Second Watch

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane!

Nostalgia has never sounded so good! Tim, Chris, Dana, and Spaz have a super fun show where they review nostalgic movies from their past. First of all, their intro featuring the Honest Trailers announcer? AMAZING.

I listened to the Inception episode, and I loved everything they had to say about it. The “Over and Under” segment is a super creative idea, and I love that they review the movie before and after viewing it! Also, their engagement with listeners is awesome as they even included soundbytes from their audience onto the show.

All in all, instead of just simply reviewing a movie, On Second Watch does a great job of keeping you entertained in unique, creative ways not found it other movie review podcasts. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen!

- Corbin (BB&C Podcast)

April 30, 2020 by Oh The Hue Manatee on Apple Podcasts

On Second Watch