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Aug. 3, 2022

Back to the Future (1985)

Back to the Future (1985)

An appropriate movie to review as we release episode 100 of our show. One of the all-time classics, we explore our rewatch of 1985's American science fiction film, Back to the Future

An appropriate movie to review as we release episode 100 of our show. One of the all-time classics, we explore our rewatch of 1985's American science fiction film, Back to the Future. 


Directed by Robert Zemeckis, who co-wrote the screenplay with Bob Gale. Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Emmett "Doc" Brown, Lea Thompson as Lorraine, Crispin Glover as George, and Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen


With a budget of $19mil, it made $388mil in the box office. Currently an 8.5 on IMDb.


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Back to the Future



Don: And now, your feature presentation 

Tim: Welcome to On Second Watch where we first review a film base only on our nostalgia for it, and then rewatch the movie to see if it's better or worse than we remember, and to make things more entertaining, we play Plot Summary Madlibs, which is exactly how it sounds: we take the plot of the film and my co-hosts provide replacement words and we create a new plot, which is sometimes better than the actual plot.

Chris: If it was porn. 

Tim: [00:01:00] Uh, no, that would be a, that'd be a, a great, no, nevermind not

Chris: Yep. Nope.

Tim: And we've also introduced a high stakes game of trivia where the winner has the power to choose the next category for spin the wheel. So my name is Tim who, uh, is just as awkward as George McFly in high school. And I'm sure most can vouch for that. We also have the version of doc brown. Chris

Kari: Oh, my God.

Chris: That's that's pretty good.

Tim: I was just thinking of your, uh, Halloween costume

Chris: That was a fantastic question. Thank you. All $30 worth of it.

Tim: Then we have the one who, uh, just found out she's the same height as Marty McFly. Dana

Kari: Really

Tim: She was astounded by the statistic.

Dana: Oh,

Tim: It's like Michael J. Fox is the same height as me. It was like, I don't know, just some revelation. Just

Chris: Okay,

Kari: so tiny.

Dana: felt tall for a second. Okay.[00:02:00] 

Chris: let you have this one, Dana.

Dana: thank you.

Tim: All right. We also have our own actual doc brown, but with crazier hair Kari

Kari: A hundred percent accurate, a hundred percent.

Spaz: Sure hair is awesome. How dare.

Kari: Thank you. Thank you. 

Tim: Then there's the bully, the womanizer, the Biff of our podcast. Of course, I'm talking about Nikki

Nikki: God.

Chris: I appreciate you with

Nikki: Oh, that's awesome.

Tim: , and then, remember that drunk, sleeping on the bench at the end of the movie 

Chris: Fred. 

Tim: that's our spa.

Spaz: Woohoo. Take it all day, baby.

I, I mean, yeah. Have I passed out cuddling a bottle in my hand. Yes. Multiple times. Will I do it again? Yeah. Most likely. 

Tim: Perfect.

Spaz: It's nothing better than cuddling a bottle of alcohol.

Chris: You can do whatever, man.

Spaz: Oh, I trust me. I know. 

Tim: If you can't tell already we are talking about 1980 five's American [00:03:00] science fiction film back to the future. This is directed by Robert sum, MEUs, who co-wrote the screenplay with Bob Gale starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Emmett doc brown, Leah Thompson as Lorraine.

Crisp bin Glover as George Thomas F. Wilson as Biff tannin, and with a budget of 19 million, it made 388 million in the box office and currently sits at an 8.5 on IMDB. And we spun the wheel on the category of IMDBs top 50 movies and landed on back to the future, which was Dana's choice. And our average nostalgia came out to a 7.2. Everyone came in with a solid seven, except for me, I gave it an eight. So our conversation after we get through our trivia and, plot summary, Madlibs will be interesting, I think for sure. So why don't we just jump straight into trivia?

Kari: I'm so nervous.

Chris: [00:04:00] I'm not I'm I'm gonna, I'm gonna tank this one.

Spaz: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You're gonna take this one, Chris. You're funny.

Chris: It's not a horror movie somehow. I won't remember

Spaz: Dude, come on, man. This is your movie. You win as doc brown. Fuck

Chris: That's that's

Kari: The time bar's gonna run out by the time I even like click a button, it's going to be great.

Tim: So for the record, this is the first time using this platform. So I expect it to go perfectly flawless. Right?

Spaz: Uh, Nope. My Internet's probably gonna fuck something up.

Tim: We will see, I see six people in including myself, just so I can make sure the screens are actually moving appropriately. So let's begin.

Chris: Oh, 

Spaz: Oh 

wow. Is that a gong?

Chris: This is a mortal combat

Tim: that's.

Kari: Oh my God.

Spaz: That's amazing.

Tim: All right. Just making sure 

Dana: What

Tim: back. I just said this in the question earlier

back to the future was released in what year?

Spaz: Aw, man.

Tim: 19 84, 19 85, [00:05:00] 19 86 or 1987.

Spaz: I missed it by a year.

 I went with my birth year and it's not that one. It's the year after. Awesome. Yeah.

Nikki: Yes. Well, that's what was in the movie.

Tim: 1985.

Spaz: I saw 84. I got nostalgic with my birthday.

Chris: Oh the year, my first,

Spaz: my birth, my birth year. And plus that's the tigers. We're in the won the world series 

Chris: the roar of 84.

Kari: true.

Tim: All right. Ready for question two.

Spaz: I'm already behind. Let's fuck 

Tim: Who did not star in this film?

Kari: God.

Nikki: Okay.

Tim: Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd Elizabeth shoe, and Thomas F. Wilson.

Chris: Oh, that was a tricky one there, buddy. I know. I know exactly why you picked

I know what he did and I know why he did it.

Nikki: It's 

Chris: Nice job. No, it's Elizabeth shoe. She's in the second and third one, she replaces, uh, Jennifer.

Nikki: oh, I had, I thought Redman, I had it wrong.

Kari: me too, for a second.

Nikki: that's why 

Kari: a minute. Who was she in this [00:06:00] movie? I was so confused.

Chris: she, yeah, 

she's not in 

Tim: Chris had it right. She replaced. Um, I forget her name, Jennifer.

Chris: Yeah.

Tim: Um, in the second I think the third or did they

go for a 

Spaz: Yeah. Was the third two.

Chris: her mom, uh, the Exorcist mom ended up having cancer and she went to be with her rather than being in the second and third movie.

Tim: Gotcha. All right. Let's take a look at those leaderboards so far. Oh my goodness. Carrie and Chris are tied for first with 180 points.

Chris: Oh shit.

Tim: Dana was 61 points at the bottom

Spaz: Yeah, Dana.

Dana: told you this was gonna happen no matter what you did.

Tim: well, let's see what happens with question three, which academy award did this film win?

Spaz: You're AER Tim.

Tim: Music original song for the power of love, best sound, best effects and sound effects, editing, or best writing screenplay.

And for what it's worth, it was nominated for each one of these.

Kari: [00:07:00] I know, that's why I'm like, oh shoot. I actually don't know the answer to

Chris: I have no idea.

Nikki: I'll be upset.

Kari: I thought my 

Tim: are

Spaz: Come on Huey

Tim: the correct answer. 

Best effects

Spaz: It 

Tim: editing.

Kari: Oh my God. 

Tim: Totally bombed.

Spaz: it's. I think that's the first one Chris's gotten wrong

Chris: And Carrie, no, I 

Tim: probably the first one Carrie ever got wrong.

Chris: Yeah. Carrie gets 'em all.

Kari: Wow. apparently not.

Tim: Jumping to question four. What was Marty MC fly's band called

the pin heads, Marty and the flies star liters, or just 

Spaz: I got, I got excited.

Chris: Star 

Kari: You are awful Daniel.

Spaz: I got excited. I knew it won. I was for.

Chris: It's a, it's a, it's a star liters in the Homelanders.

Spaz: Dude, it's Marvin Barry and Starlighters how dare you.

Nikki: I did not know. Thanks Dan.[00:08:00] 

Chris: So the last two questions that were an absolute wash one because none of us knew it. And then the other one, because someone opened his mouth

Spaz: You're welcome.

Chris: Ru Carrie's got me by that point.

Tim: One point in front of Chris,

Kari: Off snap.

Chris: I don't know why I must have hesitated. I don't know. Actually, I don't really didn't even know how that

Spaz: I mean, I gave the answer as soon as

Chris: I mean, yeah, I collected like in two seconds. That's really weird. I wonder if it took, like when I got it wrong, I took too long to get it wrong on the other question.

Tim: Chris is just gonna blame the internet.

Spaz: well, no, that's my

Chris: Not this time, not this time. I just, 


Spaz: Clearly. My name being

Tim: Question five. At what time did the lightning strike the clock tower?

Dana: God

Tim: 9:55 PM. 10 0 4, 10 16 or 10 24.

Spaz: Fucking asshole.

Kari: Legit. Don't remember

Spaz: What a Bon, what a boner 

Nikki: I hope I'm the only one

Chris: Like, not only do I not remember this, guy's got it right within each other. So it's like, you're easily gonna like F this up.[00:09:00] 

Tim: So it's pretty split. The correct answer

Chris: Woo.

Tim: B 10 0 4.

Kari: There you go, Chris. Got it wrong.

Nikki: Dang.

Spaz: That was a nut bag and a half right there.

Chris: I dunno what that means.

Spaz: Neither do I, I just felt like I had to be said.

Tim: Don't know either. So it's, Chris is in the lead with 360 Nikki right behind with 3 30, 2 and Carrie spa or 3 36. Yeah. Sorry, my dyslexics coming

Nikki: those four points might matter.

Tim: I know, I know. All right. Jumping to question six, which of the following did doc brown not reference traveling to.

Nikki: Ooh, interesting.

Tim: Signing the declaration of independence, the birth of Jesus, the moment he invented time travel or to relive Woodstock.

Spaz: It's.

Nikki: I know I can't get outta my head, Dan.

Tim: all right. You all guessed right? Relive Woodstock. So let's [00:10:00] see. So Chris and Nikki first and second carry right behind. Spaz and Dana. 

Spaz: Yay. Let's do this right. Dana four and five, like always.

Tim: question seven. When George was about to ask Lorraine to the dance at Lou's cafe, what drink did he ask for 

a Pepsi, orange juice, chocolate milk, or a milkshake?

Nikki: It took a minute for me the answers to pop up

Spaz: That was a fucking slam dunk 

Kari: I just fat, like I just totally like fat fingered this,

Chris: I almost did a minute ago. I got nervous.

Spaz: Oh, it's chocolate milk.

Nikki: Yep. 

Spaz: Boom.

Tim: it is chocolate milk.

Kari: totally fat

Chris: you hit, did you hit milkshake?

Kari: I did I

Nikki: Oh no.

Chris: no, it doesn't bring all the boys to the yard.

Spaz: I'm in third place. I got you. Carrie 

Chris: Oh, God. I mean, it's one thing to lose with the he spazz beat you.[00:11:00] 

Spaz: Yes. Hey Carrie, keep fat figuring these questions. Let me do.

Kari: it's here.

Spaz: You fat finger the hell out of this carry fat finger. It good.

Kari: I don't like the way you're saying

Nikki: All right. We need to move on.

Tim: the penultimate question, question eight. What was George book? Fly's science fiction

book called 

Nikki: Oh, shoot.

Tim: the brain eaters, a match made in space. The brain invaders space lovers from another galaxy,

Spaz: I got this four wrong. I wasn't eating so, oh fuck. I knew. Yep. I did get

Nikki: Does anyone know this one?

Chris: I know this.

Kari: So 

Spaz: think.

Nikki: Uh, I hope it's be

Spaz: No, it's not that well, it

Chris: Charles it is.

Nikki: woo.

Tim: a match made in space is correct.

Spaz: damn it.

Kari: I need to stop watching these so far in advance.

Tim: Oh, it is a tight

Kari: know.

Spaz: Oh man, Dana almost overtook me.

Tim: all right. So with this last question, you have the [00:12:00] opportunity to wager any amount of points between all your points to none of them.

Chris: Oh, 


Tim: If you get it right, you add that amount to your total. If you get it wrong, you lose that amount.

Spaz: Bring it

Tim: So statistically, anybody is still in this game.

Spaz: We'll

Kari: Got nothing to lose.

Tim: Yeah. So there it is.

Nikki: Uh,

Tim: So you choose how many points you want to be. Five seconds left.

Spaz: It's the power.

Tim: How much in damage did Biff say Marty caused on his car?

Spaz: Got it.

Tim: 300, 400 or $500.

Spaz: Yeah. Suck it.

Dana: I think that might be the only one I actually got. Right.

Kari: Legitimately, no idea.

Spaz: it's 300 

Chris: Those are 500. Those are $500 glasses. You son of a bitch.[00:13:00] 

Kari: Oh, that's right. Son of a bitch

Spaz: we're not watching 

Tim: 300. So let's see who

Kari: last place 

Nikki: It's gotta be Chris. Oh, whoa.

Kari: you know, Nicky.

Nikki: Yes.

Chris: I only, I only waged half.

Nikki: I went, eh, 

all or nothing. Go all in.

Kari: Oh, Nicky choose wisely.

Tim: wagered all her points.

Nikki: now because I acted up so royally, last time I chose a category.

Chris: on now. 

Spaz: you person

Tim: so Nicki wins with 1,134 points, 

cuz she wagered it all.

Spaz: man. I'm never

Chris: I'm actually kinda happy because like picked the last one. I was like, that's good. I don't wanna do another one.

Tim: Chris with nine 14, spaz was 7 0 8. Dana was 7 0 4, Carrie with two.

Kari: Hell yeah. That's right.

Spaz: coming up the rear.

Kari: Wow. Good. You're making this really [00:14:00] awkward.

Spaz: You are welcome.

Tim: not a, 

Nikki: Gosh, Dan

Tim: a fan.

Chris: This

Kari: God. 

Nikki: my

Spaz: I've been alone a long time for a long time.

Tim: That's a fantastic

Chris: How long you been, how long have you been a long time? Oh, you know, the long time. Oh,

Spaz: I mean the hands getting, 

Dana: Yeah. 

Tim: Okie dokey.

Spaz: starting to get old, man.

Tim: Let let's just, um,

Chris: okays move on.

Tim: let's let's move on. Yes,

Chris: Let's let's 

Spaz: having fun here? We're all having a good time.

Tim: you're the only one having fun, sir.

Chris: yeah.

Spaz: that's your fault then? 

Tim: Keep them hands to yourself. Let's let's just keep the creep factor going here and jump into 

Spaz: yeah. Oh, gotcha.

Tim: so let's see for our host order. Let's see. Yeah. Should I just do this for the order of it? We won. What do you think?

Chris: I think so.

Nikki: Go for it.

Chris: It's a, it's a good randomization.

Spaz: the power the,

Chris: Can we like [00:15:00] dock him points every time he sings?

Tim: I mean, I will.

Spaz: how dare you.

Chris: Take away your imaginary points.

Spaz: Don't 

Nikki: Dan, if it makes you feel any better, every time you say it, I dance a little

Spaz: so you It's the news. He's bringing us. That's come on.

Nikki: oh my gosh.

Tim: All right. To start things off. I need six nouns.

Spaz: No, you don't.

Tim: I do.

Spaz: You're a liar

Tim: I wrote this. I do

Spaz: a fucking liar.

Chris: Boat

Dana: Fish. 

Chris: ah, aquatic theme.

Tim: the deep would be happy.

Chris: Yes, 

Nikki: gosh.

Dana: Nope.

Chris: I haven't watched the last two episodes. It's totally unrelated to

Nikki: I mean, I think you've seen enough.

Chris: I've definitely I've every time I, I say that after every episode I've seen enough and then they just keep ramping it.

Kari: Fantastic. Yeah. Uh, [00:16:00] trash Tim trash.

Tim: Perfect.

Nikki: Peach

Spaz: Cookie,

Tim: One more. what did we say? Someone said something

Kari: Appropriately. I said, Butthead.

Spaz: I like it.

Tim: that'll work. I now need six adjectives.

Spaz: God, you're annoying.

Tim: Why do you even.

Spaz: I honestly don't know anymore.

Dana: Microscopic

Nikki: Harry.

Spaz: huge,

Chris: Of course

Spaz: juicy.

Kari: Oh, 


Dana: are horrible.



Tim: I'll use both.

Spaz: Yeah, you will.

Tim: Let's see how that works out.

Spaz: Uh,

Chris: poor, poorly. 

Tim: Probably. Yeah. All right. Nine verbs,

Spaz: Wow. You're

Nikki: The verbs are the worst.

Spaz: Help us out, Tim. You're

Tim: but they have so many, so much potential.

Nikki: Gosh, just come right outta the gate with it, Chris.

Chris: I mean, I'm just, why not, where, you know, it's gonna devolve into this anyways.

Kari: Repulse.

Chris: Exactly. A.

Nikki: Spy.[00:17:00] 

Chris: Did you say spy? Do you mean peep know peep 

Nikki: Yeah. Like you're spying on someone

Chris: para in a tree

Nikki: perhaps.

Chris: fucking per

Nikki: I know. It's so funny that that's why

Chris: move creep.

What do we have?

Kari: dive.

Tim: I got thrust. Repulse spy. Agat dive. 

Spaz: Sin.

Kari: Oh,

Spaz: Yes.

Kari: Ugh. That, that one hits hard. that one 

Chris: yeah, the Dan Dan dancing sends repeatedly.

Spaz: Yes.

Kari: Poke

Spaz: Ooh. 

Chris: God damn it.

Nikki: Wash.

Chris: I cleanse myself with this conversation

Nikki: right.

Chris: tear.

Tim: All right. I need a make and model of car. It can't be 

Chris: Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, 1973. El Camino.

Spaz: There it is. like it. Party in the back 

Nikki: Who makes that. 

Chris: Chevy,

Spaz: Yes

Tim: All

Chris: Chevy, El Camino. What a beautiful car,

except [00:18:00] the eighties model.

Kari: Tell us how you feel.

Tim: right. 

Nikki: Yeah, 

Tim: I need a scary object.

Nikki: doll.

Tim: Uh, a body part

Spaz: Forearm.

Kari: Ooh, two sexual.

Chris: Is it, is 


Spaz: It's a forearm. 

Chris: I mean, 

Kari: that's my point is this is the least sexual thing you've ever picked. And now I'm just like, I didn't even know what to do with that too. Sexual Dan, too

Chris: Why why, why, why is it too sexual? Unless

you're like a lumber Jack? 

Kari: don't know. Maybe, maybe that's the meaning here. Usually it's something outta line and we got forearm this time, so I don't know what he's thinking, but I don't like it.

Spaz: It's funny. It's cute. How you actually think I'm thinking? I 

Chris: Dan just did. 

Spaz: throw shit out.

Kari: I've known you for long enough. I shouldn't be doing that.

Spaz: I, I, I just say shit.

Why think, 

Chris: we look at, what we talked about earlier.

Kari: That's 

Chris: Of course he's gonna save. Of course, he's gonna save forearm.

Kari: Yeah, that's [00:19:00] fair. 

Spaz: and meaty.

Chris: See exactly. There you go. There. Go Carrie. You happy now, now it's

Kari: There we go.

Spaz: With a little bit of hair

Tim: Can I get


Spaz: of hair. Huh? What?

Tim: Another body part

Spaz: Uh, 

Chris: what is, what is the thing above your above? 


Kari: Above. What

Nikki: not use cervix.

Kari: say, cervix, please use cervix.

Nikki: said it.

Chris: Oh, God damn it. I like forearm. Now we have cervix and

it's. Ah, 

Spaz: Chris, we have both,

Chris: oh.

Tim: Let's 

Spaz: welcome how I will Tim use it. Use it.

Tim: How about a male body part?

Kari: Ooh. I don't not like the way that was said.

Nikki: What.

Chris: I mean, yeah. What did you, I mean, there's softball it in and there's just rolling it on the ground. Tim.

Spaz: How about a Dangler, the Dangler, the [00:20:00] pendulum. How does that work for you? 

Chris: the pit and pendulum.

Spaz: Yes.

Chris: All right. PO settle down now.

Spaz: That's a good damn 

Chris: Oh my God. What, what do we have for body parts now I'm afraid to ask.

Spaz: we have penis. Or the Dangler or pendulum, whatever Tim's truths we have forearm and cervix. Let's go. 

Tim: gonna find out when I read this.

Chris: I feel like we should blanket band, like just point blank, sexual like parts and that way, cuz it just, it just kind of takes 

Nikki: It's too obvious. 

Chris: yeah.

Kari: Not trying hard

Chris: It's

Spaz: I said, forearm, 

that was nothing sexual. You 

guys brought this, you guys brought the rest on yourselves.

Tim: All right, I'm going with calf.

Chris: There we go.

Tim: Moving on.

Spaz: I will. I'm gonna throw punch you, Tim.

Tim: I need a very bad situation.

Kari: Being stuck in a room 

with Dan 

Chris: Yeah, that that'll work. Carrie being stuck in a room by 

Nikki: running out of gas in the desert.[00:21:00] 

Chris: I would take, I would take the heat death instead of spazz.

Spaz: you know, you guys

Chris: You know, we're not wrong.

Spaz: you know, you only bring, you guys are only, only ones that bring this out. Me. You bring this side out with me, not like this. Normally it's your 


Tim: Um, I need a number.

Kari: 42 

Spaz: 68 75,

Dana: Here you seven.

Spaz: 3

Nikki: higher, higher

Tim: I need something very powerful.

Chris: Hydraulic press

Tim: That would be powerful.

Nikki: It was hard not to say lightning. like, no, it must be what he is replacing.

Chris: forearm. 

Spaz: Yes, my, yes, my forum is quite strong.

Chris: I wasn't talking about you in particular. 

Spaz: Oh. Oh, 

Tim: all right. This is the PLA summary mad libs of back to the future. [00:22:00] Chris is a microscopic boat and hard rocking teen desperate to be anything but like his parents, his mom is Nikki, the foolish fish and depressed alcoholic.

Nikki: Dang.

Spaz: I can,

Tim: and his dad's spaz. The 

Harry Trashman

Spaz: Yes. It fits so perfectly.

Tim: Uh, who is too weak to stand up to Dana his huge peach of a boss

Spaz: Oh, I'll take you. I'll take Dana out.

Tim: who thrusts him every day.

Spaz: Hi

Dana: Oh

Kari: Whoa. 

Spaz: man. I'm so, I'm so happy right now. It's my dreams are coming true. Dana's trusting me.

Dana: Oh.

Tim: uh, one night, Chris meets up with Carrie, his course cookie and eccentric scientist friend, who reveals to Chris that she invented a time machine out of a 1973 Chevy El Camino powered [00:23:00] by, buttheadium

Kari: Awesome. 

Chris: of all the words. Yeah,

Spaz: Yes, fantastic.

Kari: This is my dream in life now.

Tim: It is

Chris: please.

Spaz: make it Carrie.

Tim: which she repulsed from Tim, the juicy and flabby terrorist who wanted Carrie to make him a creepy doll.

Kari: Dang.

Spaz: wow.

Chris: A

Dana: wow.

Tim: that's right. Tim, the terrorist finds, uh, finds them and spies, Carrie carry in the, for. It's weird.

And as Chris flees in the time machine accidentally travels back to 1955, his carelessness changes the course of his own history, where he meets teenager spa,

Spaz: Yes.

Tim: who is a gassing outside of teenager. Nikki's window.

Spaz: Oh yes. Oh yes. You know, I'm just doing what I do. Being a creep.

Tim: A gassing. Yes. [00:24:00] Taking the place of his dad. Chris is hit by his future grandfather resulting in teenage Nikki diving him back to health while aggressively pursuing him by sitting his calf under the kitchen table and suggesting to her mother that Chris can poke in her room that night

Spaz: snap. 

Nikki: jeez. 

Dana: No.

Chris: This, this, this doesn't went from like enjoyable to strictly R

Tim: oh,

Chris: this is uncomfortable.

Tim: Chris has to correct the timeline by convincing spaz to wash Nikki at the dance.

Spaz: Oh, hello.

Chris: I mean, it is en under the sea.

Kari: My

Spaz: I would I'll take her care of you.

Tim: all. While Dana tries to tear Nikki making spa's life worse than stuck in a small room with himself.

Nikki: Oh, that was

Tim: And kill Chris for causing $64,268,147 in damage to his car[00:25:00] 

Chris: it's quite quite the number.

Tim: I used all your numbers to succeed. Chris recruits the help from a younger carrier to plan a, the timeline fix as well as to harness the power of a hydraulic press to fuel the time machine and go back to the future. The end.

Spaz: Yay. It was beautiful.

Chris: Just gonna press 

Spaz: a tear to my eye. 

Chris: press those a

Adam. Yeah. 

Spaz: I was doing a lot of things in that one.

Tim: Uh, wrong, so wrong.


Chris: I feel, I feel like it's one of, I feel like it's one of the first Madlibs we've done in a while that didn't have the word moist in it,

Kari: Oh, God. Why did you even say it then?

Chris: didn't have the word moist

Spaz: moist, moist needs to be in all of them. 

Chris: Yeah. Can't forget the moist maker.

Spaz: yeah. Moist.

Tim: So that's all our fun and games. So let's jump into our. Our thoughts of this film is I try to locate my notes, which I lost.

Chris: Perfect. 

Spaz: God, it's the power of love, man.

Tim: Spar, something.[00:26:00] 

Spaz: It's the

Chris: of grace call.

Tim: All right. Who, who wants to kick us off? Talking about back to the future? I don't know. Dana, since you, you picked this film for our wheel, did you wanna start.

Dana: Sure. I think as soon as I picked this and then one, I said, oh, I would've picked a different movie. Well, I'm glad I didn't. I really liked watching it again. , I felt like I laughed a lot more at this movie than I ever did when I was younger. And it actually kept my attention a lot more than I expected. You guys don't realize this, but I lose my attention, span a lot with these things.

Tim: What

Kari: No.

Spaz: No

Dana: You guys have no idea how bad it actually is, but regardless of that actually watched the entire movie and I enjoyed it the entire time. man, this, this movie still holds up. It is phenomenal. So I'm gonna put my score up to a nine.

Tim: coming in hot.

Spaz: Damn.

Tim: All right. Go to Carrie.

Kari: So I. Agree and disagree on this data. Hopefully I'm not like the hater. I still really [00:27:00] like this movie you'll tell by my score, but yeah, I don't think it held up as well as I wrote thought it was going to hold up was actually my takeaway from this. There are a lot of things where I was like, Ooh, so cringy in 20, 22, but still enjoyable.

Cuz I'm a kid of 1985, right? Like I, I was, you know, it was funny to me before and it's, I mean, it's still funny to me now, but. For the record, I've never noticed that that's Billy Zane in this movie until this time I watched it.

Chris: Good old match in the background. Yeah.

Kari: just like literally was like, oh, huh, never noticed that before.

Chris: Zane with hair.

Kari: Yeah, that was bizarre. thanks, Benny. Um, but like legitimately, I really enjoyed it. I don't know it it's, it's just one of those feel good movies that I can go back and rewatch, but it, this had been a while since I had seen it, I'll be honest with you. This is, it had been easily at least 10 years since I'd seen this movie and I still really, really enjoyed it.

So I'm actually gonna bump up to an eight.

Tim: Alrighty. [00:28:00] How about you, Nikki?

Nikki: I don't have a lot different to say than what's already been said, actually. Um, I'll just say. Like Dana. I laughed a lot, a lot more than I expected. And, um, I didn't expect it to hold up as well as I thought it did. I, I know what you're talking about, Carrie, there were a few parts where it was like, oh, but I forgive movies that are older when there's, you know, words and stuff like that, that I feel like, you know, it's, it's the time.

So, but yeah, when doc, like my, I think my favorite was just like, when doc would say like what, this has nothing to do with mass, when , you know, he said it was heavy and he is like, there's that word again? There's something wrong with the gr Earth's gravitational pole. Yeah. Um, no, I thought. Well done.

Good movie. And I'm also going up to an eight. Well, I think I'm going up. Am I, was I a seven before?

Okay. Yeah, definitely an eight.

Tim: Let's circle back to Chris.

Chris: It's been a very long time since I have seen this film. But honestly sitting down it's a two hour movie, um, which is, it's kind of [00:29:00] surprising, um, for being a little bit older, usually they're a little bit shorter, but anyways, , I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I, it is just a really good movie and I think it actually, you can see a lot of movies from that, that era that like, they look like they're from the eighties. I really like the fact that there wasn't a lot hinging on like eighties ask if you will. I mean, obviously certain things, but like for the most part, it kind of is time agnostic in a way, like the eighties, like vibe, like I could watch this again another 20 years and enjoy it as much as I did then. Like, I don't feel like it feels dated.

Um, And to me that really helps because it just was a very enjoyable two hours. I had a lot of fun. , I'm gonna crank it all the way up to a nine. Like, I really, really had a great time with this movie and it's like, I've always enjoyed it, but like, it's been so long since I've seen it. I wasn't sure if it was gonna hold up.

And to me it still was just as much fun as I went watching it as a kid.

Tim: Awesome scores are flying [00:30:00] up. Spas. Are you gonna buck that trend?

Spaz: well, because of this movie, it took me down like a little rabbit hole because I've pretty much fell in love with Chris Lloyd. after watching this movie, I Went back. And I watched all of taxi, which then baby fall in love with Andy Kaufman. So I watched a lot of his stuff that he did.

And then Danny DeVito became a favorite of mine, obviously. So I went into Danny DeVito territory. So because of this movie, I just kind of rec probably most of my life. Stupid TV shows and actually taxi was a good one except for later seasons. But I digress. But with this movie, I mean, you get a little bit of everything.

you get romance, you get action, you get drama, you get Christopher Lloyd's facial expressions, which are amazing. I mean most of the time I was just watching his face and not really paying attention to anything else, his eyes bulging out. It, it was amazing. And then, like I said before, all the memes [00:31:00] that you get from this movie and the YouTube channels that me and Chris used to watch when we were drunk, it's a special thing, this movie, and my grade is definitely gonna be a nine I'm bumping it.

Tim: Look at that. Yeah, I wrote, I wrote down on my notes, Christopher Lloyd's incredible facial expressions and reactions.

Spaz: Michael J. Fox has some good ones too. 

Tim: Yeah, so I, for my thoughts,, someone from the eighties watching this film and then seeing the flashback, you know, 30 years ago into 1955, just kind of seeing that aesthetic and everything had to have been pretty cool. Just like it's cool for us to sit down and watch this film, which is 85.

So, you know, you're looking almost 40 years. Sorry guys, it's almost 40 years. Um, just, just seeing that, you know, the, the times the hair, the clothes, and then jumping back even further into the fifties was just a lot of fun. This movie, like Dana said was a lot funnier than I remember it being, uh, I know I've always liked it, but I've Dana and I were just were laughing like the whole time, whether it's just [00:32:00] crazy things that were said, the facial expressions, I did get to.

Unbox my special spazz edition of this Blueray because it was still in its cellophane.


Spaz: Wow. 

Tim: I, I cracked that open and there was, there's so many bonus content on this. I kind of wanted to circle back and watch it with the commentary, but I did watch the show on Netflix. I keep forgetting what it's called the

Chris: The movies that made us.

Tim: yes, that that's fantastic for back to the future.

One thing. We did notice though, that when this was remastered in HD, the things that did stand out while everything looked great, the only it was the, uh, prosthetics to make them look old, you could, 

Spaz: was. 

Tim: really bad.

Spaz: I was 

gonna say that his, uh, doc, uh, yeah, Christopher Lloyds in the beginning, you could totally see the prosthetics going out. I'm like, oh boy, that looks terrible.

Kari: the wrinkle Eness and, oh, it was



Chris: Rubber, rubber cement and let it

Tim: Dana told me I can't stop looking at his neck.

Spaz: Yeah, exactly. That was what I, yep. I couldn't stop either.

Chris: [00:33:00] that. And the weird, awkward, like transitions between scenes. Like I actually thought I was watching an edited version.

Kari: Gaia. 

Chris: like where just like, I suddenly just go to black and like transition to a new scene. I was like, am I, is that where a commercial was supposed to be like, am I watching like a wrong version

Tim: Hmm.

Chris: is really uncomfortable, but I

think it was more of a thing in the, 

Kari: Yeah. I, I didn't, I thought that that was so weird. And I'm like, is that, that's kind of one of those things that I had been like, huh? Is that like something that was like normal in 1980? I was just like, I don't know. I just

Chris: I don't. I really don't know. I don't know if more transitional scenes were common back then, but it was very jarring, not just to like, pan to adore. So might just be like, oh, fade a black. 

All right. New scene. I was like, 

Spaz: strong back then.

Chris: guess not.

Kari: But the writing was strong enough to carry it. Like 


Chris: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. 

Kari: but like the writing was so 


Chris: was just more J jarring about as jarring as Tim's comment about time.

Cause now that I think about it, thanks a lot, Tim.

Like the span between when this movie took like in 85 [00:34:00] versus 55 is only 30 years. So technically we're further away from when this movie was actually made from now

than the actual distance in the 

Spaz: you know, 

Chris: it so much worse.

Spaz: you know, every time we do one of these, you do this shit.


Chris: you know what I'm, I'm having, I'm having a crisis. Okay. A little bit of an existential crisis right


Spaz: you're 37?

Kari: man, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, man. Yells at clouds next

Tim: Um, something else that was cool was just kinda like the pure nostalgia for so many brands. Um, I don't think they did it on purpose just to have, or anyone paid to have. Brands on this, this movie, but just JVC, these giant cam quarters, the Pepsi, the Nikes, the 

Kari: They had to pay, 

Spaz: free. 

Kari: they had to be paying Tim. Like they were so obvious in this. Like, it was pretty bad. It was like et level bad, you know?

Chris: the Nike shoes.

Kari: Yeah.

Chris: were, those were, those are nice though. And like doc Browns boots. [00:35:00] Yeah.

Tim: Yeah. A lot of, lot of product placement that just like holy crap, forgot about that brand. That thing existed.

Chris: free, I

think was 

Kari: Mm-hmm 

Chris: Pepsi free. Came out, Tim, I think in conjunction with this movie or right around then.

Spaz: yeah, but it didn't last long cuz

Chris: And no, it didn't. 

Spaz: terrible.

Chris: is it? Pepsi, crystal, or

Spaz: Yeah. Pepsi, crystal. And they came back with that a couple years or 

Kari: Oh, God. 

Spaz: too.

Tim: Hmm.

Not having watched this film in a long time and seeing doc and Marty interact with one another. And then thinking about, Rick and Marty. Yeah. Just, you could just see how they just model just basically exactly that same kind of

relationship. Um, but I also noticed. I feel like the, uh, sir, reginal Hargraves from umbrella academy had a lot of mannerisms of stock brown, like the way he spoke and went about his way. Just, it reminded me a lot of the same

Kari: I didn't even notice that, but now that you say it, I'm like, oh yeah. Huh?

Chris: I, I wouldn't put two together. You're right. Yeah. Huh.

Tim: and probably the only reason I noticed that, cuz we just [00:36:00] benched the last season of uh, Umbrella academy. And it just, just kind of just clicked in my head. some great quotes, , the one from Lorraine's dad hitting him with the car, just yelling Stella. Another one of those damn kids jumped in front of my car.

Spaz: Yeah. 

Tim: and then Christopher Lloyd, referring to the enchantment under the sea dance as look, there's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up.

Spaz: yeah, so good.

Tim: and I do have to say that Marvin Barry and the Starlighters, that, that song night train that they're, that they're playing. I forgot that move. That song was from this film. And it's one of those songs that has been stuck in my head for like 30 years. Like it'll just randomly pop in my head for no reason whatsoever. And it's that song. So 

now that. 

Spaz: it's amazing.

Tim: Now that I watched this movie again and I heard it. I'm like, oh crap, here we go again.

Spaz: Good 

Chris: Another another 30.

Spaz: Yep. It's well worth it though. It's very enjoyable song.

Tim: [00:37:00] But, um, yeah, I, this movie was, was fantastic from, from start to finish. Like I said, I forgot how much I did love it. It's like spa was saying it has literally everything in it. And it's a lot of fun, little, little awkward at times, but that's just part of the humor. And it makes me kind of wanna watch, uh, back to future two and three, but I don't know if those live better in my brain than it would rewatching it.

Spaz: See the second one's still good, but the third one has never really been good.

Chris: the third one was okay at best. And to be honest, I honestly, I honestly don't remember the second one at all. And that would be, I'll be really truthful. I can't a hundred percent tell you I've ever watched it all the way through, if not the whole, like, even at all, like I remember hoverboards and funny sunglasses and that's all I remember from the second.

Spaz: That's all you need to 

Tim: Interesting. 

Chris: Oh, and I remember the like manipulating the, uh, the stock market or like

betting something about 

Spaz: Yeah. 

Chris: Yeah. I, 

I remember that. 

Spaz: Almanac.

Chris: The Almanac [00:38:00] that's it. Biff had that or whatever. Yeah. That's all I remember.

Tim: Hmm.

Chris: I could tell you the third movie and the first one. No problem.

Tim: And the third movie has another song that, that, at their, uh, at their dance, that's stuck in my head too.

Spaz: no, no, no,

no, no. 

no. Yeah. 

Tim: something about this, this, uh, this music, but I don't know, to me, this is a near perfect movie, so I'm gonna say 9.5.

Kari: Wow. 

Tim: Love it. It's 

got it's science fiction.

It's got great music, great acting. It's just, it's awesome.

Chris: I honestly contemplated like a 10, but I was like, it's not perfect,

Spaz: Yeah.

Chris: but it's very, very, very good. Like, like I said, I. At first I begrudgingly watched it. I was, I'm not gonna lie. I was like, oh God, I forgot to watch this. Like, ah, maybe I can watch it at two X speed.

And like, like I, so I sat down. I was like, and I got through it and I was like, wait a second.

I was like, oh, this is, this is really good. This is really good. Like, I forgot how good it was. Like I remember loving it, like when I was younger and I was just like, shit, [00:39:00] this has been like one of the better movies I've seen in a long time. Again.

Tim: Yeah. And I, I remember earlier this year, when we were contemplating doing like categories, you mentioned, Hey, Michael J. Fox movies that are not back to the future.

Chris: Well, it's just because everyone, everyone defaults that or teen Wolf and I'm like, I'd like to see us go back and seriously watch doc Hollywood. I mean, 

who's gonna review doc or I love the Frighteners. Uh, but like, like doc Hollywood, it was like, it was popular, but it wasn't like, oh my God, has everyone seen doc Hollywood?

No, everyone's gonna. Has everyone seen back to the future or teen Wolf or something like that. And so it's like, I was like, oh, we'll review really obscure Michael J. Fox movies. Um, but, and then we ended up going full circle and doing back to the future, which I am very happy that we did.

Spaz: Indeed.

Tim: I am too. Can't say anything bad about it. I just, um, there was some racist dialogue that I was shocked to find out was said in this movie that I totally did not hear as a kid, but, um,

Spaz: Well, we, if [00:40:00] we 

Kari: there's quite a bit of it 

Tim: I had no idea what it meant until now. I was like, I was like, oh, okay then.

Chris: Yeah. was like,

Spaz: Yeah. I wasn't expecting that. I was like, 

Chris: yeah, I, I forgot. I remember there was like one instance, but then there was a couple more and I was like, oh, oh,


Nikki: I, I was gonna say there was also a lot of swearing, like a lot more than I remembered.

Chris: Like PG PG in the eighties was like a really interesting thing. Cause like, like I believe we talked about this wasn't it, it was jaws or Indiana Jones at the temple temple of the doom,

Spaz: It was jaws,

Chris: uh, that.

Spaz: G or wasn't it?

Chris: jaws was PG. I believe it was Indiana Jones. And the temple of doom was the, what brought on the introduction of the PG 13 rating because temple of doom is actually PG.

And what PG movie has a scene where a dude's getting his heart

ripped out of his 

Spaz: Yeah. Yeah. 

Chris: Like, so. So that was 80. I don't know. I'm terrible with the, the data [00:41:00] 83, 85, 86. So Marin, but anyways, long story longer, I don't think the PG 13 rating was around four back to the future. Cause I feel like it's a very strong candidate for PG 13, just with the amount of language, you know, P and Tom,

Tim: Mm.

Chris: the racist commentaries, like forcing a girl, like forcing yourself on a girl in a car, like, like. Yeah. I mean, there's, there's, there's a lot there. Don't get me wrong. It's a, it's it's a good movie, but I was just like, eh, maybe

peach you 13. 

Tim: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. I could done, I could have done with like the, the, the outta left field, like racist commentary. I was just like, oh, okay. Forgot about that. Yep. Yep.

Nikki: Yep.

Tim: So I gotta say, Nicki, you mentioned that you were watching this with your kids for the first time. What what'd they think?

Nikki: Ha. So they, I tried to watch it with 'em, but they just didn't, they weren't really in the mood. They kind of wandered in for part of the movie. Um, two of them did and I asked, so. So my seven year old watched [00:42:00] most of it. And I was like, what do you think? Thumbs up, thumbs down in the middle. And it took him a while to answer.

And he said, thumbs up. But I don't think he really like got it or paid enough attention. Um, and I'm kind of glad because I was like, oh my gosh. There's like I said, like, I was, was like, oh gosh, there's so much swearing and bad things happening. It's like, oh, this is really not a good candidate for watching with the kids yet.

Chris: you know, what's funny is you think about it too, like, so yeah. You're talking about your kids and your old as being seven. I

Nikki: well, he's my middle one actually,

Chris: okay. I'm sorry. Uh,

but like, 

But, Yeah.

So in that age range, even like I'd even go so far as going all the way up to like 10 years old and sitting down and watching this.

Now you think about it. I remember being very young and watching this and what do I remember? The cool car and the dog, and like the beginning scene of them actually like going in time, you know, the fire and the tires, and then being bored out of my skull for like most of the 1955 part. Cause it's, it's more of a drama. You know, in a way with comedic elements. I mean, him [00:43:00] doing certain things, there's like splashes of action, but it's, but it's more about him trying to connect his mom and his dad back together.

Nikki: yep.

Chris: And it's like, oh, you know, as a, as a kid, you're like, uh, where's, where's the car. I need more of the car, 

Nikki: And the humor is not like

Chris: And it's, it's more adult. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, watching this again at like at 37, I was like, I was like, I have found myself laughing at stuff that I probably as like a 10 year old, been like, what. Why is that funny? That's yeah. Ha ha. He got poop in his car, like ha ha ha

like, like seriously. I mean that's, that's probably, you know, but 

Kari: You know what stood out to me, Chris? Like, so one of the things I struggled with was I remembered the amount of bullying towards George. And I was like, oh, it couldn't have been that bad before I started watching this. I'm like

Chris: that's. It's pretty, it's pretty bad. It's like up. Yep. Like, like, yeah. Oh, bullies. It's like, yep. You know,

Kari: eighties, the eighties

Chris: Yeah. [00:44:00] Yeah. I mean, every movie from the eighties has like your typical 

bully or, or some. Yeah. Like I like one of my favorite movies from the eighties is the monster squad. And there's like the whole scene about the, like the dude from the wonder years being a, like the older brother being a giant bully. Until he gets like, what's common Dew.

Tim: Mm-hmm

Chris: And it's just like why every movie in the eighties had just some like Deba bully.

Kari: And a lot of dad jokes, which we also got in this.

Chris: I, I mean, I will never have enough

Kari: make like a tree and get out.

Spaz: Yeah.

Chris: laughed more than I should have at that scene. Cause I was just like, oh yeah, just chuckled.

Nikki: What's funny about that is my husband says that all the time. And I was like, is this where you got that from? He's like, yeah, cuz honestly I think my score would've been higher if I didn't watch it with him because so many scenes, he said the words right before it happened. And I'm like that would've been hilarious if you hear it from them, like like the, yeah. [00:45:00] I mean, it didn't ruin it, but it would've been a lot funnier if like the doc brown invention where he is like trying to read his mind. He's like, do you know what this means? And then Tim was like, this thing doesn't work at all. I'm like, and then he says it I'm like, oh, that's so funny. Why did you ruin that for me? yeah.

Tim: All right. So I'm going back and looking guys. So we rated this one pretty high with an average of 7.2 for a nostalgia. And. With all reviews now, rewatching it, they all went up significantly higher, which brings our average to an 8.8, which comparing that to IMDB

Chris: I think it's at

Tim: is an 8.5. So we're, we're above IMDB by, uh, a couple decimal points, but our better worse compared to our nostalgia, uh, it's a whole 1.58 higher, which is our greatest increase out of any film we've done.

Chris: Wow. 

Tim: Which is pretty impressive since it was [00:46:00] already rated high. So,

Nikki: Yeah,

Chris: I like to see one of our movies do the inverse.

Tim: oh, 

Kari: we've we've done that.

Nikki: I. 

Chris: No, no, you guys came right out of the gate was like this movie's gonna suck. And then we went and reviewed it and you're like, oh, thanks Chris. This movie sucked. We've already done that song in dance, like five times over.

Tim: That's all right. Maybe one day. We'll see.

Chris: No, I doubt it. But yeah.

Tim: There we are with our 8.8 rewatch score of back to the future. So if you haven't seen it yet, um, you have our glowing recommendation, so. If you haven't seen it, what's wrong with you? Um, maybe you're just too young use young kids and they're they're

Chris: man. Don't don't tell me that. I don't want these kids watching

him be like this movie's this movie's stupid. And I'm be like, wow. You know what? Get outta here. Take your Tamagotchis and go. 

So know what your kids are into to these days, your talks and your Tomago and your ticks and stuff.

Tim: bring [00:47:00] PS back.

Spaz: there you

Chris: I wanna throw shit at something. Alright, let me throw up giant piece of metal at some cardboard and make up some rules.

Tim: On the fly. All right. Well, thank you for listening to on second watch, you can follow for the latest reviews, giveaways, and leave your nostalgia for our next review. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And if you have a movie you'd like us to review or suggest a spin the wheel category, you can do that as

So thanks for listening everybody. And we'll catch you in our next movie review.

Spaz: Get you on the flippy floppy 

I'm on a boat. I'm on 

Nikki: oh, that. 

Tim: now.

Kari: I got it.

Tim: Yeah. 

Spaz: it's. .