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Taken (2008) - Part 1, Nostalgia Review


Our particular set of skills might not be that great, but we can all agree that Bryan Mills’ skills are incredible as we explore our nostalgia for 2008’s English-language French action-thriller film, Taken.

This is a special episode as requested by Mike, who answered the call and donated to Dana’s fundraising campaign supporting the non-profit Angioma Alliance, Because Brains Shouldn’t Bleed!

In this episode, Tim, Chris, Dana, and Kari explore their nostalgia and what they recall as their favorite moments. Spaz missed this episode because it was his birthday weekend and he was taken… by alcohol and steak. We finally find movies that Chris hasn’t seen before and Kari calls us out on our ratings. Tim and Dana are both looking forward to seeing this movie again for the first time as parents and how that may change their connection to this movie. Also, screw U2…
Movie Details
Written by Luc Besson (5th element) and Robert Mark Kamen (Karate Kid, 5th element), and directed by Pierre Morel
Starring Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace
Budget of $25mil, made over $226mil in the box office
Currently a 7.8 on IMDb
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