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Plot Summary Mad Libs - 1993's Super Mario Bros.

You know the movie, or better yet, you try to forget the movie. We try to make it better! Join us as we take the plot summary of this movie and make it something else with the power of Mad Libs.

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The entire Plot Summary Mad Libs result:
"In New York City, two Confident siblings named Dana and Spaz have an idiot business where they Sweat for cash. Spaz is in love with Kari, the Greasy Box who happens to be the Moist Princess of another dimension, where Chris, the Childish King wants to Frolic Kari and rule both dimensions. The King sends Tim, the Dry Doorknob to kidnap Kari, but Dana and Spaz chase them into this new world. Will Dana Poke Spaz and help save the world? Will Spaz rescue Kari and finally get a chance to Smash her? Will Kari Jazzercise the Kingdom? Will Tim see the error in King Chris ways and Medicate him? Or will King Chris Critique both dimensions with an Iron Forearm?"