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Random Episodes

September 27, 2021

Huge Announcement + Sean Bean Halloween Extravaganza

October is going to be our biggest month yet, with 10+ episodes in the works. Come join us during our live recordings to leave comments, participate in polls, and for the first time ever, call in to be a part of the show!


August 24, 2021

Intermission: Part Deux

Tim, Dana, Kari, and Spaz get together to talk about anything and everything while we wait for our next movie review. The conversation is broken down into 4 parts, and can only be found on our Ko-fi page


July 28, 2021

BONUS - Spaz talks "Batman and Robin"

Spaz missed our rewatch recording, so Tim sat down for a little one-on-one with everyone's favorite inappropriate honorary uncle. We continue our talk about Batman & Robin, complete with Spaz's hot take on bat nipples and FMK...


April 22, 2021

BONUS - Star Wars Galaxies (2003) - The Galactic Senate Reconvenes!

Join members of the former community influencer group, "The Galactic Senate", as they discuss the greatest sandbox MMORPG ever created: Star Wars Galaxies


April 01, 2021

[PODCAST TAKEOVER] Over the Top (1987) | Good Times, Great Movies

April Fools! On Second Watch has been taken over by Doug and Jamie from the podcast Good Times, Great Movies. Enjoy their hilarious take on this 1987 film featuring arm wrestling, truckin', and fatherhood. This movie is so '80s...

Movie Review Random

December 07, 2020

BONUS - Christmas Mini-Episode

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends! We wanted to post a quick mini-episode to talk about our favorite Christmas movies from our childhood, as well as touch on 2000's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Directed by Ron Howard and starring Jim Carrey doing what he does best.


November 04, 2020

BONUS: Thankful For + Introducing “Grim Yells at a Cloud”

While we get ready for our episode covering Jurassic Park, we share what we’re thankful for, AND introduce our listeners to one of Tim’s favorite indie podcasts, “Grim Yells at a Cloud”.


September 04, 2020

BONUS EPISODE - Giveaway Livestream with Tim

This bonus episode is a livestream recording with Just Tim, talking movies, podcasts, and giving away prizes to our awesome listeners.