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Plot Summary Mad Libs Episodes

Plot Summary Mad Libs

"Dan's Delightful DNA Diner"

May 23, 2023

Listen back to Plot Summary Mad Libs from 1993's Blockbuster, Jurassic Park

Plot Summary Mad Libs

"Sexting in California"

May 17, 2023

Hocus Pocus is truly not appropriate for kids, with all the killing of children, emphasis on virginity, and of course merrily skipping away from 3 people burning alive. So let's make it even worse with a game of Plot Summary…

Plot Summary Mad Libs

"Chubby, Scintillating Mahogany"

May 11, 2023

In our second Plot Summary Mad Libs, we begin the trend of verbally violating Kari, of which I take no blame. Here is our Mad Libs for 1980's American supernatural horror thriller film, "The Fog"

Season 2 Intro +
Plot Summary Mad Libs

Season 2 Intro + "Relegated to Hooking Out Tuna"

May 6, 2023

Welcome to Season 2! This episode explains what this season is, and contains our first ever Plot Summary Mad Libs.